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Lasse Myhr is a Film and Theatre artist from Germany.

He grew up in the north of Germany in Hamburg and spend most of his childhood and teenage years there.

Lasse then went on to spent two years in France near Paris, doing his civil service and studied French at the Sorbonne university in Paris.

In 2006 he did his Diploma in Performing Art in Zürich Switzerland.

After graduation he started his Theatre career at the Münchner Kammerspiele in Munich

In nearly 10 years Lasse played in numerous very successful plays.

The majority of the plays were highly critical acclaimed

As a result Lasse alongside his fellow ensemble members were often invited to international Festivals.

In his Theatre career he started directing and founded his own theatre group.

His play was honoured to be invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen at the Berliner Festspiele.

Lasse performed in several German TV Films.

For eight years Lasse performed the role of  the police Detective Tom Brauer in the TV series ’ Kommissarin Lucas’.

He received outstanding critics reviews for his performance for “Momke” in the Film „E.F.A.A.F.R.“ directed by Mathias Tiefenbacher and “Vergebung oder Rache“ directed by Johannes Fabrick.

In 2019 he was cast to play the Character Stefan in Eva Wolfs first Feature Film „A MATTER OF LIVE“ (Das Menschenmögliche) at the international Filmfest München.

Furthermore he starred in an ensemble-lead for the TV-Comedy „Fine Mess“ (Schöner Schlamassel) - Director: Wolfgang Murnberger. "In order to win over Anne, a bookseller who has a crush on Judaism, the young surgeon Daniel pretends to be Jewish and gets hopelessly entangled in a web of white lies. The script was written by Peter Probst and Wolfgang Murnberger. The leading roles are played by Verena Altenberger, Lasse Myhr, Lisa Wagner, Maxim Mehmet, Dieter Hallervorden and others.“ (2019)

Last year Lasse also appeared in front of the camera for the TVseries "Hartwig Seeler“ (director: Johannes Fabrik), where he takes part in a continous role.